House Rules


I. The Club will be opened at the hours approved by the Executive Committee and posted in the Club House. 

II. Beverages shall be served only in such portions of the Club and grounds as may be determined by the House Committee. 

III. Newspapers, magazines, and books belonging to the Club shall not be marked, cut or otherwise defaced; nor shall they be taken from any room in the Club. 


IV. Employees shall not be sent out of the Club on private business.

V. No cash payment or gratuity of any kind shall be given to an employee by any member or guest.

VI. Members shall be responsible for their guests, whom they introduce, and for all debts incurred by their guests.


VII. Cash payment for Club services is not permitted except as authorized by the Executive Committee. Otherwise all charges must be by club card and member’s signature. 

VIII. As soon as practicable after the first day of each month a notice shall be sent to each member of the amount of his indebtedness for house charges at the end of the preceding month. If such indebtedness is not paid before the end of 60 days, a special notice shall be sent. 

If a member’s name has been posted, and his indebtedness remains unpaid, he shall be notified by mail of the provisions of Article IV, Section 2. 

A one and one-half percent penalty of the unpaid balance will be levied per month on all house charges which remain unpaid at the end of the month in which a second notice was sent to the member notifying him of his indebtedness. 

IX. No dogs, except seeing-eye dogs, will be allowed in the Club or on the grounds.


X. Requests, suggestions, and complaints in regard to the house or service should be in writing, signed and addressed to the House Committee. Matters requiring immediate attention may be taken up with the General Manager. 

XI. The General Manager under the direction of the House Committee shall have authority to maintain order in all parts of the House and grounds. 

XII. The Club will exercise diligence in protecting the property of members and guests in the Club, but will not be responsible for any loss or injury to such property.


XIII. No member shall use any stationery bearing the name of the Club for business purposes; neither shall a member date or address from the Club any paper communication intended to be printed or to appear in any newspaper, periodical, or publication. 

XIV. No member shall carry on or transact any business or indulge in the practice of any profession in the Club at any time. 

XV. Delinquent, posted, and suspended members will not be allowed to utilize the Club as guests or otherwise.


XVI. Members and Guests will not be permitted to bring in food or beverages. 

XVII. Any member requesting a reconstruction of his account 30 days after the statement date will be subject to a $30 charge for administrative costs. 

Rules for Admitting Guests


I. A member may register and entertain in the house, in company with himself, whichever number of guests is approved by the House Committee. 


II. A person who is not accompanied by a member shall not be admitted to the Club House, unless arrangement has been made by a member with the Concierge Desk. Unless accompanied by a member, such a guest shall not be admitted to or remain in any part of the Club House other than the lobby or, if a member is sponsoring a private function, one of the private dining rooms. 


III. A person may, on introduction by a member, be granted a guest card permitting him to enjoy the privileges of the Club for one day. However, no person will be issued a guest card more than three (3) times in any twelve-month period. Privileges so extended will be paid for by the guest, either in cash or with an approved credit card. The introduction of guests is a privilege which may be withdrawn at anytime by the House Committee.


IV. Minors may be admitted to the Club and must be accompanied by members while in the Club. 


V. Dress: Members and guests are courteously requested to observe the following regulations regarding dress at the Club. Gentlemen will please wear coats and ties in the Main Dining Room. Coats with collared shirts will be acceptable throughout the other areas of the Club. Current trends dictate the acceptability of ladies’ high-fashion attire.